Current projects within the laboratory include investigations into biomass gasification and other conversion processes, feedstock properties and pretreatment, environmental and health assessment, and systems analysis. The laboratory also cooperates with the UC Davis Energy Institute and other centers and organizations on related research.

Biomass thermochemical conversion

  • Biomass gasification, gas analysis and emissions
  • Sampling and analysis of gasification systems
  • Control of ash and slag transformations during biomass gasification
  • Joint with UC San Diego and West Biofuels, LLC:
    • An investigation of a thermochemical process for producing mixed alcohols from biomass
    • Power generation using advanced thermochemical gasification of biomass: gas purification system design and testing
    • Demonstration of advanced biomass combined heat and power systems in the agricultural processing sector
    • Increasing renewable energy by almond shell gasification

Fuels and other biobased products

  • Biomethane for vehicle fuel

Feedstock analysis and pretreatment

  • Leaching pretreatments for biomass feedstocks

Environmental and health

  • Addressing air quality issues for biopower (joint with UC Irvine)
  • Joint with UC San Francisco:
    • Respirable emissions from wood stoves
    • Health assessments of environmental tobacco smoke

Systems analysis

  • Modeling and analysis of advanced thermal storage systems (joint with UC Santa Cruz)

Affiliated projects

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